Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Texas Ethics Commission (TEC) has levied a $6,450 civil penalty against WCS-Texas Solutions PAC for making $64,500 in unauthorized political contributions to a bipartisan group of 18 Texas lawmakers in late 2011. The civil action was initiated by a formal complaint filed by Texans for Public Justice in February 2012.

According to the TPJ complaint the PAC, established by Waste Control Specialists and bankrolled exclusively by Harold Simmons, violated the law because a PAC cannot contribute to candidates or officials if it does not itself have at least 10 contributors. Simmons was the PACs sole contributor.

“We are disappointed in the meager size of the civil penalty,” said Craig McDonald, TPJ Director. “It represents a meaningless 10% surcharge on Mr. Simmons’ illegal contributions. The appropriate solution would be a fine at least the size of the illegal contributions.”

View the Ethics Commission’s Notice of Final Resolution. View TPJ’s Ethics Complaint.

“Let’s all pray Simmons takes more care in handling atomic waste that he does in handling his campaign contributions,” said McDonald.