Thursday, October 24, 2013

Texans for Public Justice filed a formal complaint today urging state ethics officials to determine what became of the $6,000 that a state prison contractor’s PAC reported giving last year to two state legislators: Sen. Troy Fraser and Rep. Harvey Hilderbran.

UPDATE: Responding to TPJ's Texas Ethics Commission complaint, a spokesman for Harvey Hilderbran's campaign told TPJ that the campaign immediately returned the $1,000 check it received from GEO Group PAC without accepting or cashing it. 
An attorney for Troy Fraser told TPJ on November 4, 2013 that GEO PAC destroyed its $5,000 check to Fraser before delivering it.  The GEO Group did not disclose that the Hilderbran and Fraser checks were never accepted.

TPJ has subsequently (on Oct. 28, 2013) filed a complaint against GEO Group PAC for apparently failing to report the return of the Hilderbran contribution.

Read the full media release.
Read the GEO Group PAC complaintthe Fraser complaint and the Hilderbran complaint.