Monday, April 6, 2015

TPJ today called upon Collin County DA Greg Willis to recuse himself from the securities fraud investigation of Attorney General Ken Paxton in order to trigger the appointment of an independent special prosecutor.

“Greg Willis’ stonewalling amounts to obstruction of justice,” said TPJ Director Craig McDonald. “Willis needs to step aside.  A special prosecutor needs to investigate whether or not the attorney general is a crook.”

In January, TPJ's original complaint against Paxton was referred to Willis and the Dallas County district attorney by Travis County prosecutors, who concluded that any illegal conduct by Paxton occurred in Collin and Dallas Counties.  The Houston Chronicle reported last week that Willis had taken no action to investigate the matter.  Last May, Paxton admitted to state regulators that he committed securities violations that constitute felony fraud.  Neither the Collin or Dallas DA's have initiated a criminal investigation of these apparent crimes.

In a letter sent today to Willis TPJ cited his friendship and joint business deals with Paxton as reasons why he needs to recuse himself to clear the way for an unbiased special prosecutor.

Letter to DA Willis calling for a Special Prosecutor.
Complaint filed in Collin County.