Thursday, July 2, 2015

Craig McDonald Statement
on Criminal Investigation of Texas AG Ken Paxton

"Texans need to know if the state's top law enforcement officer committed serious crimes. No public official--no matter how powerful--is above the law. The integrity of the legal system is at stake.

For months Attorney General Paxton has suggested that his admitted securities law violations merit nothing more than a slap on the wrist. Now a special prosecutor says that he will present a grand jury with evidence that Paxton's alleged securities fraud constitute a first-degree felony. It's time to determine in a court of law if Attorney General Paxton violated the very state laws that he is supposed to uphold and defend."

Last July Texans for Public Justice filed a formal complaint with the Travis County District Attorney, seeking to determine if there was evidence to charge Ken Paxton with state securities law violations. That district attorney forwarded the complaint to Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis, where the alleged crimes occurred. Willis, a longtime friend and business partner of Paxton, recused himself, leading to the appointment of the special prosecutors who now are preparing to present their findings to grand jury.