Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Look Back at Rick Perry

As former Gov. Rick Perry's U.S. Senate confirmation hearing approaches, we  are re-posting several of our major reports on Perry's tenure as governor.  You can view a list of all of the
130-plus TPJ postings relating to Perry by scrolling down the right-hand column of the home page and clicking on the "Rick Perry" label.

The Rick Perry Primer 

Our 2011 background report documenting Perry's many conflicts and controversies.

Perry Top-Donor:  Nuclear Waste Dumpster

Lobby Watch Report:  Nuclear Compact With the Devil?
Lobby Watch Report:  Don't Trash Texas Until Your Give Perry $1.1 Million.
Lobby Watch Report:  Waste Kingpin's $$ Predicts Nuke Dump Support.

Perry's Enterprise Fund Con Job

TPJ has documented the many shortcomings of Perry's economic development funds.
Lobby Watch Report: Texas Big Three Bag Enterprise-Fund Millions.
Con Job: Report Finds Most Texas Enterprise Fund Grantees Failed to Deliver in 2010

Report: Enterprise Fund Grantees Give $7 Million: Rick Perry's Piggybank.

Perry and the Texas Lobby

TPJ Shark Week reports documented connections between Perry and Texas lobbyists.
Report One:  Perry's Roomie Toomey Mobilizes the Corporate Lobby.
Report Two:  Governor Runs Farm Team for Lobbyists.
Report Three:  Perry Appointees Morph Into Lobbyists.

Perry's Criminal Indictments

Fact-sheet on Rick Perry criminal indictments, June 2015.
The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals dismissed the charges against Perry in a pretrial ruling in February 2016.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Lobby Watch: Apache's Oil Find Exceeds Its Political Heft

The top political recipients of money from the Houston company that announced a giant West Texas oil discovery last fall are surprisingly bipartisan and notably exclude Gov. Abbott. 

A new Lobby Watch fracks the political funds underlying the 'Alpine High' oil find, which environmentalists say endangers Balmorhea's fabled San Solomon Springs desert oasis.

Read the new Lobby Watch.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Revisiting Rick Perry's Corporate Welfare Giveaways

Alex MacGillis at ProPublica takes a look at
 Rick Perry’s Texas Giveaways.

Read TPJ's 2010 report on Perry's Enterprise Fund grants.